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The Iowa Retired School Personnel Association endorses Delta Dental of Iowa for your dental services, the largest dental benefit plan in Iowa. Any member of IRSPA and/or spouse is eligible to enroll in the Delta Dental of Iowa Plan. IRSPA membership ($15 per year) must be maintained for continued coverage.

Delta Dental's plan focuses on preventive care. There is a lifetime deductible of $100. Once met, there is never another deductible to pay.
Benefits are available after a 3-month waiting period for Routine/Restorative Care and a 12-month waiting period for Major Services. If a retiree is on a plan with a school, he/she may enroll in this plan, and no waiting period would apply as long as there is no lapse in coverage between the two.
Benefits offered by Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA).
Contact person: Nelda Perez (512) 610.6372

Checkups and Teeth Cleaning -- No deductible. You pay only 20% coinsurance.
> Routine exam - every 6 months
> Dental cleaning - every 6 months
> X-rays
> Flouride applications for dependent children under 19
> Annual maximum - $1,200.

Cavity Repair and Tooth Extractions (Routine/Restorative Care)
You pay only 20% coinsurance after meeting the $100 life time deductible.

> Contour of bone
> Fillings
> Routine oral surgery
> Limited occlusal adjustment
> Anesthesia in conjunction with oral surgery
> Emergency treatment and treatment to relieve pain

Major Services (50% coinsurance after $100 lifetime deductible)
> Endodontics (root canals)
> Treatment for gum and bone disease
> Crowns, inlays, posts and cores
> Dentures
> Bridges
> Implants    

Your Delta Dental identification card is recognized across the state and nationwide.