The IRSPA Story

The IRSPA Story


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As retired educators, we are in a great position to stay informed about the proposed changes that impact IPERS, Social Security, and public education. We can impact legislation by attending forums and coffees for area legislators at times when our colleagues still working in the public schools can’t. The November election could have an impact on legislation passed in the next session. Be sure you are registered to vote. The voter law passed in 2021 includes taking people off the registered voter list if they did not vote in the last Presidential election or any general election since. To check your status as a registered voter, go to the Secretary of State website . If your status is not “active” then you can reinstate your active status on the website up to 15 days before the election. Remember to vote you need a valid Iowa Driver License or non-operator ID card and you must be at the correct polling place for your address.

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